About Streaming On Easy Stream



Easy Stream offers simple Written and Video Tutorials to learn how to use. Easy Stream is also currently the only service with an app that allows you to add overlays such as scoreboards. In using the app you are able to start a stream almost instantly and with high quality and professional assets


Easy Stream has a tiered monthly and annual rate. Both of which are cheaper than NFHS and allow you to set up donations. The ability to pick you tier allows you to choose a tier that makes sense for you.

We wish that we could make Easy Stream free but unfortanately in order to not run ads or collect data we have to charge a small fee.

Great support and Passionate People:

We are incredibly passionate about Easy Stream and want to make it work for you. If you ever need something changed or are interested in something custom then reach out here

Multiple Streams(On Plus and Pro Accounts):

No other streaming service allows you to stream multiple events on the same account. This means you can stream JV and Varsity sports at the same time.

Custom Stream Link and Embedding:

You can set the link to your stream to be anything! No more long strings for your viewers to copy and paste! We also you to embed your stream, title, and donation button in your own website. This makes it super easy to get viewers on your stream.